ALGOLOGIE Lifting & Tightening Booster (30ml)

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ALGOLOGIE Lifting & Tightening Booster - 30ml

For an immediate tightening effect!


From the Algologie Rivage Range - Lifting & Tightening Booster is the most concentrated product for Lifting, Tightening, and Firming. Upon application, the skin becomes smoother, the complexion more radiant and signs of fatigue and a dull skin just fade away.

* To really appreciate how effective this product is, just massage it into one of your hands and compare to the untreated hand. It’s a fluid white serum which turns blue as it activates.

Active substances: Hyaluronic Acid, Gulf Stream Waters, Chondrus Crispus

  • For an immediate tightening effect!
  • "Lifted" skin effect.
  • High-performance booster treatment.
  • Light-reflectors that brighten the complexion.
  • Wrinkles appear to fade, the features regain suppleness and elasticity. Day after day, the face looks more youthful.




    一款精粹凝胶产品,集中护理肌肤。致力于肌肤表面细纹,使肌肤紧致。使肌肤即刻柔软细腻,重获青春。* 欲体验产品效果,只需将其按摩到您的一只手中,然后与另一个手进行比较!这是一款白色液体的精华液,激活后会变成蓝色。


    • 有效对抗因紫外线UVA和UVB所造成的表皮纹(细纹)
    • 通过刺激皮肤纤维细胞中的胶原蛋白生成来减少皮肤皱纹(深层皱纹)。透明质酸的生产,是细胞外基质的主要成份,可减少皱纹的深度
    • 有助于对抗晒伤细胞的形成,此成份有效改善肤色的均匀度,光泽度与皮肤质地
    • 减少皱纹,恢复柔软和弹性。日复一日,使脸部看起来更年轻。