Jean D’Arcel Instant Glow Serum

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Jean D’Arcel Instant Glow Serum (30ml)

Gives your skin an instant boost to achieve dewy, healthy glow


This limited edition Instant Glow Serum is infused with effect pigments that adds subtle luminosity to the skin as it visibly evens and brighten skin tone over time.

Main active ingredients: Effect pigments, Reforcyl®, Liftonin®

  • Effect Pigments:
    • Gives skin a pearlescent, sparkly and shimmery effect
    • Once applied, light is not just reflected from the surface of Effect Pigments, it is also reflected from surfaces within the structure of the material, giving an unusual and aesthetically pleasing effect.
  • Reforcyl®
    • A EcoCert listed and NaTrue certified ingredients that improved hydration, firmness, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
  • Liftonin®
    • An active ingredient complex against skin aging. It has been specially designed to improve the skin structure to promote a younger appearance.
    焕彩透亮精华液 - 30ml





    • Effect Pigments: 涂抹在脸上之后,亮感不仅从脸部表面反射,还会从成份表面上反射,从而产生肌肤特别闪耀的效果
    • Reforcyl®: 天然有机护肤成份(EcoCert及NaTrue认证),可改善肌肤保湿能力,强化肌肤弹性和紧致度,让肌肤变得细腻光滑
    • Liftonin®: 对抗衰老的活性成份复合物,能有效改善肌肤结构,让肌肤变得年轻有活力