ShapeMaster RM188 - Treatment of the Year 2019

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ShapeMaster - RM188

Treatment of the Year 2019


Correct all pear shaped body in single treatment with True Harmony unique body toning treatment – ShapeMaster! After treatment result is guaranteed with at least 2-8cm reduced in measurement! 

  • This is a unique body toning treatment combining modern & traditional massage tactic to correct lower body fat. No injection, surgery, machine or supplement is used for this treatment. Thus it is 100% natural & safe!
  • Everyone who have pear shaped body, or most of your fat deposited around your thighs, hips and buttocks region. Especially good for post natal slimming.
  • Your measurement will be taken before treatment, if no reduction is showed after treatment, you will not be charged for your first trial treatment!


      ShapeMaster 秒杀梨形身材 - RM98





      • 这是一项专门针对下半身肥胖的塑身疗程,我们采用纯按摩,以中医学及塑形手法为基础,从骨盆开始帮助您矫正体形,疗程后能立即缩小下半身的尺寸,还能明显看到臀部上翘,腹部平坦等的效果。
      • 疗程前我们会告知您下半身的尺寸,疗程后保证尺寸减少至少2-8公分,如果没有减少我们马上原银奉还!您将无需为疗程付出任何费用。
      • 凡下半身肥胖、梨形身材、产后松弛等女性朋友皆适合此疗程。