ARCELMED® Dermal Eye Repair (30ml)

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ArcelMED® Dermal Eye Repair 美疗眼部修护凝胶 - 30ml, RM295

Rapid Effect Eye Gel


Light eye gel against dark circles and swellings around the eye. Reduces swellings, dark circles and lines. Also moisturizes the skin.

  • Clinically proven benefits:
    • Reduces more than 60% of swelling and "baggy eyes"
    • Provides anti-wrinkle , lifting and firming effects making your eye area look younger
    • Reduced significantly by 19% of pigments which are responsible for the dark colour of rings around the eyes
    • Combats shadows around the eyes
  • Contains Haloxyl - one of the most effective ingredients that are used to reduce the dark circles under the eye as well as increase the moisture which can lead to the prevention of dark under eye circles in the future.
  • Active ingredients: Haloxyl • HyaluronPur² • D-panthenol • Omega CH activator • Pentavitin • Palmeria palmata
  • Application: Mornings and evenings after cleansing, apply a small amount around the eyes and tap in gently with the fingertips
  • !In case of swollen eyes, dark circles around the eyes and tear Sacs, don’t apply any eye cream in the evening, but only gel.

    美疗眼部修护凝胶 - 30ml


    • 临床试验实证:
      • 减少多于60%的“眼肿”及眼袋”
      • 提供防皱,提升,紧致功效令眼部焕发神采
      • 显著减少19%的色素,这些色素是导致眼睛周围环纹深色的原因
      • 打击眼睛周围的阴影
    • 含有多胜肽祛黑紧实因子 - 其中一种知名的有效成份,用于减淡眼部下方的黑眼圈,并增加皮肤水分,从而可以防止未来眼圈下的黑色素形成
    • 明星成份:胜肽袪黑紧实因子 • HyaluronPur² • 维他命原B5 • 欧米茄CH激活剂 • 泛维他 • 红藻萃取
    • 使用方法:每天早上及晚上洁净面部后,取出少量眼部修护凝胶,用手指头温柔地在眼四周轻点至完全吸收
    • !若出现眼肿 及黑眼圈 , 建议在晚上只用眼部啫喱 , 不建议用眼霜