ARCELMED® Dermal Probalance Cream (50ml) - Moisturizer

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ArcelMED® Dermal Probalance Cream 美疗平衡乳霜 - 50ml, RM265

Winner of 3rd place Dutch Beauty Award 2020


This delicate care cream contain probiotic and active ingredients that helps promote a healthy skin flora and make the skin more resistant.

  • Strengthen the skin barrier x Improve skin texture x Reduce skin age
  • Contains ProRenew Complex CLR™
    • influences the speed and quality of epidermal growth
    • Effectively promote desquamation - the shedding of dead skin cells.
    • Balances and protects the skin microbiota
  • Active ingredients: ProRenew Complex CLRTM, BioEcolia®, camellia oil, high molecular hyaluronic acid, Fucogel®

美疗平衡乳霜 - 50ml


  • 稳肌底 x 提肤质 x 减肌龄
  • 含ProRenew Complex CLR™:益生元和益生菌活性成份复合物,加速肌肤的屏障恢复 -
    • 对表皮的生长速度和质量都有积极效果
    • 效促进脱皮过程,去除死亡的细胞
    • 影响皮肤质量的必需蛋白质和酶的合成
  • 明星成份:金缕梅萃取,尿囊素,没药醇,维生素E.