ARCELMED® Dermal Refine Cleanser (200ml)

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ArcelMED® Dermal Refine Cleanser 美疗柔嫩洁肤乳 - 200ml, RM199

Creamy and gentle deep-pore cleanser


This mild yet intense emulsion cleanses skin extremely thoroughly and yet is still gentle. Calming ingredients help skin retain its resistance to harmful environmental influences and to be perfectly prepped for the skin products applied afterwards.

  • Contains Witch Hazel Extract - powerful properties that shrink pores, absorb oils and fight the sign of aging
  • Contains Allantoin - a non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin
  • Active ingredients: Witch hazel extract, allantoin, bisabolol, vitamin E
  • Application: Massage into dry skin in the morning and evening with circling motions. Then emulsify with lukewarm or cool water. Finally, rinse off with water and clarify the face with Toner.

美疗柔嫩洁肤乳 - 200ml


  • 能深入毛孔,彻底深层洁净脸部
  • 含金缕梅萃取 - 能舒缓和平衡油脂分泌,紧致毛孔,对抗肌肤提早老化
  • 含尿囊素 - 舒缓、抗敏、保湿,加强肌肤的保护能力
  • 明星成份:金缕梅萃取,尿囊素,没药醇,维生素E.
  • 使用方法:早晚以打圈的方式洁净肌肤,然后用温水或冷水洗净,并搽上适合的平衡水。