ARCELMED® Dermal Renewal Serum (30ml)

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ArcelMED® Dermal Renewal Serum 美疗再生精华素 - 30ml, RM355

Soft, highly active AHA complex


With its highly-efficient AHA complex, the serum, which is used to stimulate the natural skin renewal process, smoothes and hydrates the surface structure and promotes cell renewal by removing dull and dead skin cells.

  • Clinically proven benefits:
    • Stimulates the natural peeling process
    • The skin will become smooth, soft and harmonious
    • Highly efficient bio-peeling agents make the skin radiate
    • The skin will not be stimulated or irritated
    • Fine lines and creases will be smoothed
  • Active ingredients: Natrulon • Lactic acid • Larch mushroom extract • Arginine • Pentavitin®
  • Application: In the morning and/or in the evening, apply under the corresponding care cream. Eye areas should be avoided.
  • ! In case of regular application, an additional sun protection is recommended.

    美疗再生精华素 - 30ml

    柔软,高效能果酸 AHA 复合物

    • 临床试验实证:
      • 刺激皮肤自然去角质过程
      • 皮肤会变得光滑、 柔软、细致
      • 高效去角质使皮肤焕发神彩
      • 皮肤不会受到刺激或敏感
      • 平滑细纹和皱纹
    • 明星成份:Natrulon • 乳酸 • 落叶松蘑菇提取物 • 精氨酸 • Pentavitin®
    • 使用方法:可用于早上及或晚上,洗面后涂上紧致精华,再用日霜或晚霜,请避免眼部位置
    • 提示:除日常面部护理外,亦建议配合防晒霜使用