ARCELMED® Dermal Whitening Concentrate (30ml) - Serum

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ArcelMED® Dermal Whitening Concentrate 美疗美白凝露 - 30ml, RM320

Diminish stubborn dark spots in 15 days


Effectively speeds up the breakdown of existing melanin and excessive skin hornification. Contains stabilised vitamin C which not only reduces age- and light-related pigment spots, but also inhibits those factors which activate melanin production. The skin takes on a brighter, natural transparency and new radiance.

  • Clinically proven benefits:
    • Against age- and light-conditioned pigmentation marks
    • Inhibits the melanin production
    • Accelerates the degradation of present melanin
    • The skin will be lightened without be strained or irritated
    • Against increased callous formation of the skin
    • The sight of the skin becomes visibly fairer
    • Also suitable for hands and décolleté
  • Active ingredients: Whitening Complex (Vitamin C + Brassica Nappus Extract) • Larch mushroom extract • Natrulon
  • ! Based on natural ingredients and not contains any dangerous skin bleaching agents and chemical substances in an attempt to lighten skin tone.

    美疗美白凝露 - 30ml


    • 高效能嫩白配方且质地清爽,恢复肌肤白皙,修复肌肤,并逐渐改善暗沉,绝无漂白剂,能提升肌肤的保湿度及明亮度与防护能力。
    • 临床试验实证:
      • 对抗年龄和强光所造成的色素沉着
      • 抑制黑色素的产生
      • 加速目前黑色素的降解
      • 美白肌肤但不会出现任何敏感情况
      • 对抗日益增加的硬结肌肤
      • 皮肤看起来更见美白透光
      • 亦适用于手和肩部
    • 明星成份:美白复合物 (维他命 C + 芸薹属芸提取物) • 落叶松蘑菇提取物 • Natrulon
    • 成份天然而且不包含任何危险皮肤漂白剂和化学物质,去试图减轻皮肤色素。