COMBINATION Exfoliating Tonic (250ml)

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COMBINATION Exfoliating Tonic - 250ml
Deep cleanser for all skin types


Surplus sebum and dead skin cells are thoroughly removed. Increases the skin’s ability to absorb subsequent care products.

Active substances: Witch hazel flower wateralcoholorange blossom flower distillateglycerinsurfactants

  • Orange Blossom Distillate Water
    • Contributes to blood circulation improvement, that makes skin looking "fresh" and youthful
    • With aromatherapeutic benefits that include feeling uplifted and happy.
  • Witch hazel flower water - A powerful antioxidant with strong astringent, stimulating and disinfecting effects
  • ApplicationApply daily for oily-combination skin; apply 1 – 2 times per week for all other skin types.
  • For combination skin with blackheads (especially on the nose and chin), soak cotton facial pad with Exfoliating Tonic and apply to the affected area and leave on for 5 minutes.
    深层调理精华液 - 250ml



    • 橙花蒸馏水 - 
      • 有助于改善血液循环,使皮肤看起来更年轻有活力
      • 具有芳香疗法的好处,让你倍感愉悦和快乐
    • 金缕梅花水 - 有舒缓,收敛,抗菌的效果,用过之后,皮肤显得水嫩紧致
    • 使用方法:油性或混合型皮肤可每天使用;其他肤质可每周涂抹1 – 2次。
    • 对于黑头增加的混合性皮肤(尤其是在鼻子和下巴),可将化妆棉浸入深层调理精华液,并敷在皮肤上并静置5分钟。