MULTIBALANCE Lifting Eye Care (30ml)

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MULTIBALANCE Lift Repair Mask (50ml)

A deep-acting, light and regenerating eye cream


A deep-acting, revitalising eye cream for combating visible signs of ageing. This gently flowing formula soothes the stressed eye contours and firms skin around the eyes.

Active substances: Iris Isoflavones • Evening Primrose Oil • Cupuaçu Butter • Aminofeel • Hyaluronic Acid • Jojoba Oil  • Cornflower water • Pentavitin® • Vitamin E.

  • Can be used as night mask on eye area, simply apply a thin layer and leave it for overnight
  • Contain Iris - Possesses a high concentration of Isoflavones, which stimulate, strengthen and revitalize the dermis, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Contain Evening Primrose Oil - Moisturize and soothe - it can enhance the texture and elasticity of skin, addressing dryness, irritation, roughness and wrinkles.


提升系列  提升紧致眼霜 - 30ml


  • 可当晚安面膜使用,敷上薄薄一层不用水洗,可直接入睡
  • 含鸢尾花 - 富含取自鸢尾花的异黄酮,是具有3合1功效的活性成份,针对表皮,真表皮连接和真皮,对抗干燥,皮肤松弛和皱纹
  • 含月见草精油 - 对于防止皮肤衰老具有特别的功效;特别是对于表皮和真皮的衰老均有延缓作用