RENOVAR® Line Minimizer (30ml) - Intensive Serum

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RENOVAR® Line Minimizer (30ml)

Defy aging, stop the appearance of wrinkles and keep you laughing

 Anti-wrinkle serum with a non-oily texture acts directly on the base of the wrinkles and improves the external appearance of the skin surface.

Results showed up to 52% reduction in the appearance of wrinkle size after 28 days application!

Active substances: Syn®-Ake ▪ DN-Age® ▪ Beta Clucan ▪ Triple-Moistuizer (Lotus Flower Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Pentavitin).

Syn®-Ake - Snake unique venom peptides

  • Long lasting Age-killing effect particularly effective against expression lines.
  • Visible deep wrinkle smoothing after only 1 month.
  • Helps your face to relax without losing the ability to express yourself

DN-Age® - extract of the candle tree with identified tracer:

  • Comprehensive protection of cellular DNA against UV-induced damage
三胜胎抗皱凝胶 - 30ml




明星成份:Syn®-Ake ▪ DN-Age® ▪ 葡聚多糖体 ▪ 三重-保湿体(莲花提取物,透明质酸及泛维他 Pentavitin)

Syn®-Ake - 蛇独特毒肽

  • 持久抗衰老功效, 针对对抗表情纹
  • 用后一个月, 抚平皱纹功效立见
  • 帮助放松面部, 而可保持自然面部表情

DN-Age® - 萃取自山扁豆。这种植物分泌丰富的K3OS (类黄酮之一)

  • 对细胞 DNA 的全面保护对抗紫外线损伤