HYDRATANTE Advanced Moisturizer Cream Gel (50ml) - High performance, moisturizing cream gel

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HYDRATANTE Advanced Moisturizer Cream Gel (50ml)

Two combined activities: moisturising and soothing


Comfortable daily care with moisturizing function. Deeply moisturizes, smoothes and refines the skin.

Clinical proofs:

  • Immediate effect: increase in moisturisation up to +48.6%, after 1 hour application, and increase +34.2% after 24 hours.
  • Cumulative effect: Increase in moisture levels of the epidermis, which increase day by day each time the product is applied.
  • Persistent effect: After 4 weeks (applied twice daily): 52% improvement in surface appearance and in the microrelief, visibly reduced fine lines and small wrinkles

    Active substances: Soline® Bio (Ecocert certified)- unsaponifiable content of sunflower oil  •   Pheohydrane® •  Pentavitin®  •  Hyaluronic acid

    • Apply to the cleansed face morning and/or evening and massage in gently
    水悦保湿凝胶面霜 - 50ml





    • 即时效果:用后1小时,增强皮肤保湿度至+48.6%,24小时后皮肤保湿度增至+34.2%
    • 累积效果:每次使用,能累积增加表皮层水份含量
    • 持久效应:四星期后(每天两次使用):52%改善皮肤表面外观,即时抚平细小皱纹
    • 使用方法:用于每日早上/晚上洁净后的脸部和颈部肌肤,再施用由内而外的打圈