2-in-1 Mom Butt Treatment 2合1翘臀疗程

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2-in-1 Mom Butt Treatment - RM98

From mom butt to va-va-voom butt


Has pregnancy turned your bootylicious peach into a deflated balloon? Don’t worry! We’ve got the most effective treatment to get your butt back on track. 2-in-1 Mom Butt Treatment is a non-surgical solution for butt lifting, the result is a butt that is slimmer and more sculpted, skin that looks tighter, and cellulite that almost disappears!

  • What is Mom Butt??  

    It is slang used to describe buttocks that have become larger, saggier, flatter or less firm than before. In fancy anatomy terms this is called “posterior pelvic tilt”- where your butt tucks in and your lower back flattens.

  • What causes Mom Butt??  

    Hormonal changes during pregnancy; poor posture; inactive glute muscles; weight gain and long hours of sitting all contribute to mom butt.

  • What is 2-in-1 Mom Butt Treatment??  

    This is a non-invasive “vacuum + dry brushing” procedure targeted on the butt area to raise, stimulate and re-affirm the gluteus. Results are permanent and more pronounce posterior.


        2合1翘臀疗程 - RM98



        生完孩子后的妈妈臀显老又难看?推荐真颜2合1妈妈臀疗程,让你告别妈妈臀,收获蜜桃臀!此疗程不仅适合产后妈妈,还适合:1️⃣想要翘臀瘦腿的人群、 2️⃣久坐的办公室人群、 3️⃣产后需要身材恢复的女性!马上体验真颜2合1妈妈臀疗程,让你迎来小翘臀,轻松收获蜜桃臀!

        • 什么是妈妈臀??  

          指的是产后妈妈腰部松弛、脂肪囤积、臀部变宽变大、并呈现下垂的状态。然而,由于生活方式的改变,很多没生过孩子的上班族也会出现妈妈臀。具体表现为臀部肌肉松弛 +脂肪堆积 + 下垂

        • 为什么会有妈妈臀??  


        • 什么是2合1妈妈臀疗程??  

          一项无伤害减肥疗程,程序包括“真空吸脂 + 臀部刷”,疗程后永久性效果:1️⃣紧致提臀、 2️⃣疏通臀部经络气血循环、 3️⃣恢复臀部肌肉筋膜弹性、 4️⃣臀部皮肤显得光滑及富有弹性等