Acne Away Facial

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Acne Away Facial - RM68

For male & female, and all types of acne


Get an acne-clear skin with True Harmony Acne Away Facial, a 60 minutes treatment using Advanced LED Blue Light to destroy acne-causing bacteria, anti-inflammatory (reduced redness) and oil control. Book your facial appointment today!

  • Suitable for anyone who wish to get rid of their acne problem, especially good on mild to moderate acne. Suitable for both male and female.
  • LED Light Therapy started as NASA technology. Blue LED (light emitting diodes) light works on the skin’s surface by releasing energy in the form of photons that destroys acne-causing bacteria. Blue light also shrinks the oil glands in the skin, making the skin less oily and reduces the risk of new acne formation.
  • Works well for all types of acne: whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, papules, cysts and nodules.


战痘护理RM68 - 痘没了!



将战“痘”进行到底!无论您的暗疮问题是非炎症性(黑头白头粉刺型)或是炎症性(丘疹、脓疱、结节、囊肿),真颜【战痘护理】能帮助您!此护理采用光疗技术 - LED蓝色采光,能迅速杀菌、消炎及控油!今天马上购买体验护理!

  • 光疗美肤最早起源于NASA,每种光都有自己的波长及功效。其中蓝光波长范围大约在 415nm,只需在皮肤上照射20分钟,就能杀灭导致暗疮的丙酸杆菌;起到抗菌消炎作用,还可有效压制皮脂腺油脂的分泌,防止痘痘的复发。
  • 此护理男女通用,所有轻微到中等的暗疮问题都适合此护理。