ALGOLOGIE Oxygenating & Revitalising Mask (40ml)

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ALGOLOGIE Oxygenating & Revitalising Mask - 40ml Airliess Bottle

True oxygenation that you can feel, see and hear!


A unique creamy, fizzy mask with mineral polymer which releases valuable oxygen bubbles onto the surface of the skin. This mask intensely revitalise and radiates your skin keeping you fresh and ready to take on any day.


Intensely nourish and revitalise the skin, which becomes bright and radiant.


  • Celadon gel-cream becomes white then oxygenating micro-bubbles appear
  • Double metamorphosis texture


Helpful for all skin types especially those with dull and uneven skin tone, oily and greasy skin, enlarged pores, rough skin.


Apply a thin layer to the face and neck after cleansing, avoiding the eyes contour. The mask gradually turns into an effervescent white mask releasing oxygen bubbles. Wash off with warm water after 10-15min or when fizzing stops. May be used once or twice a week.



        深海“泡泡面膜” – 让肌肤呼吸 看得见的,也听得见!

        1. 抑制黑色素细胞率高达33%,肤色明显均匀透亮
        2. 肌肤大扫除,净化毛孔,代谢老废死皮细胞
        3. 细胞呼吸科技,为肌肤排出二氧化碳,讲新鲜氧气注入肌底



        1. 洁肤后,在面部薄涂一层
        2. 避开眼周,直到淡绿色变为白色泡沫
        3. 约10-15分钟,洗净即可
        4. 建议使用周期:1-2次/周

        * 泡泡面膜使用后可能会出现轻微泛红状况,是血液微循环造成,帮助促进并加大后续保养品吸收