ARCELMED® Dermal Calming Gel (30ml) - Moisturizer

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ArcelMED® Dermal Calming Gel 美疗舒缓凝胶 - 30ml, RM245

Calming hydro-gel for extremely irritated skin


Dermal Calming Gel ensures immediate cooling and therefore helps to alleviate pain.

  • Clinically proven benefits:
    • Cooling gel for irritated skin
    • As a daily additional care in case of itching, irritated and nervous skin
    • Has an effect on the nerve cells of the skin
    • Suitable to use after abrasions, peeling courses, or sunburn
    • Contributes to the relief of pain
  • Active ingredients: Aloe Vera • Centella Asiatica • Arginine • Betaine • Willow rose (Canadian) • Neutrazen™ • Low-molecular Hyaluronic acid
  • Application: Apply alone as a care gel (not suitable for a longer period of time) or under a cream. Applied slightly thicker, the gel is also suited as a calming mask. When used as a mask this must be completely washed off.
  • ! Storage in the refrigerator increases the cooling effect.

    美疗舒缓凝胶 - 30ml


    • 临床试验实证:
      • 清凉啫喱冷却舒缓敏感肌肤
      • 处理特别肌肤情况 例如瘙痒,敏感和紧张的皮肤
      • 对皮肤神经细胞有特别功用
      • 特别适合用于皮肤擦损 , 去角质及晒伤后的皮肤使用
      • 有如帮皮肤排毒
      • 有助于缓解疼痛
      • 缓解肿胀及放松肌肤
      • 舒缓紧张压力
    • 明星成份:芦荟 • 积雪草 • 精氨酸 • 甜菜堿 • 柳玫瑰 (加拿大)• Neutrazen™ • 低分子透明质酸
    • 使用方法:有需要时单独使用(不适合长期使用)。亦可在涂面霜前配合使用。可厚厚的涂上面部,清凉舒缓啫喱亦可当作镇静面膜使用,但用后一定要完全洗净
    • !储存于冰箱内可提高冷却舒缓作用