ARCELMED® Dermal Repair Complex (30ml) - Serum

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ArcelMED® Dermal Repair Complex 美疗修复精乳液 - 30ml, RM355

Gently cooling emulsion with intensive repair effect


Gentle cooling emulsion with intensive skin repair effect. Accelerates the regenerative process of irritated skin and strengthens the skin’s surface.

  • Clinically proven benefits:
    • Repair effect on the cell membrane 
    • Reduces irritation, redness and swelling 
    • Accelerates the regeneration of the skin 
    • Increased elasticity of the skin
    • The surface tightness of the skin will be improved 
    • The recovery of the skin will be stimulated 
    • Irritated and reddened skin will be calmed
  • Active ingredients: Alistin® • Matrixyl 3000® • Neutrazen™ • Plancton extract • Rhodofiltrate palmaria / red algae • Peroxidated maize sprout oil • D-Panthenol
  • ALISTIN® and Neutrazen™ clinically proven benefits: Reduces irritation, redness and accelerates the regeneration of the skin
  • Matrixyl 3000® clinically proven benefits: 44% less wrinkles in 2 months
  • Application: Mornings and/or evenings, apply after cleansing under the corresponding care cream. In case of a skin with a greasy tendency this should be applied alone. Ideal after laser or peels.

    美疗修复精乳液 - 30ml


    • 临床试验实证:
      • 对细胞膜起修复作用
      • 减少敏感,泛红及肿胀
      • 促进皮肤再生
      • 增加皮肤的弹性
      • 改善皮肤表面紧致度
      • 刺激皮肤的复原
      • 安抚敏感泛红的肌肤
    • 明星成份:Alistin® • Matrixyl 3000® • Neutrazen™ • 浮游生物提取物 • Rhodofiltrate palmaria / 红藻 • 过氧化物 玉米胚芽油 • 维他命原B5
    • ALISTIN® 及 Neutrazen™ 临床试验实证:减少敏感及泛红的肌肤并加速皮肤再生
    • Matrixyl 3000® 临床试验实证:用后2个月皱纹明显减少44%
    • 使用方法:可用于早上及/或晚上,洗面后涂上修复精华,再用日霜或晚霜。若皮肤属于油性,只需涂上修复精华便可。绝对适合用于激光或去角质后使用