Belly Belly Tight Slimming Treatment

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Belly Belly Tight Slimming Treatment - RM98

Get rid of fat on the hardest area to lose fat from!


Belly Belly Tight is a new integrative slimming program combining ancient and modern modalities for effective weight loss result. This program is suitable to use on all the hardest areas to lose fat from; which is Belly, Thigh, Buttock and Arm*.

*Client may select 1 targeted area to experience the result during the first trial treatment.

Treatment procedure includes: 

  • Acupoints stimulation: Stimulate weight loss acupoints with kinetic energy or pressure point massage
  • LumiCell Wave 6 Machine: Combination of Deep Sub-dermal Massage & Intense Light Therapy
  • Heated Wrapping: Designed to burn fat and get rid of water retention. 


  • Immediate inches loss
  • Firmer and tighter skin on targeted area
  • Increased tissue elasticity
  • Skin on targeted area feeling smooth and soft


Belly Belly Tight Slimming Treatment - RM98



Belly Belly Tight是一种新的综合瘦身计划,结合了古代和现代的独特技术,以达到有效的减肥效果。该疗程适用于身体所有最难减脂的部位,包括:腰腹赘肉、大腿赘肉、臀部赘肉、手臂赘肉*

* 客户可以选择在1个部位体验疗程效果


  • 穴位赤激 - 开穴 - 以动能刺激方程式或穴位按摩刺激减肥穴位 
  • LumiCell Touch 瘦身仪 - 结合两种有效技术:光速及深层滚轮按摩
  • 热能包扎 - 旨在燃烧脂肪并快速去水肿


  • 针对部位立即减小尺寸
  • 针对部位的皮肤变得更紧致
  • 皮肤组织变得更有弹性
  • 针对部位的皮肤更光滑柔软