Butt Lifting Treatment (FREE RM88 Product)

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Butt Lifting Treatment - RM98

From flat butt to va-va-voom butt

Targeting buttocks that have become larger, saggier and flatter, Butt Lifting Treatment is a non-invasive “vacuum + dry brushing” procedure targeted on the butt area to raise, stimulate and re-affirm the gluteus. Results are permanent and a more pronounce posterior.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

  • Those who work with long hours of sitting
  • Those who never workout
  • Those who have big butt

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      翘臀疗程 - RM98




      • 想要翘臀瘦腿的人群、
      • 久坐的办公室人群、
      • 产后需要身材恢复的女性。

      这是一项无伤害减肥疗程,程序包括“真空吸脂 + 臀部刷”,疗程后永久性效果:1️⃣ 紧致提臀、 2️⃣ 疏通臀部经络气血循环、 3️⃣ 恢复臀部肌肉筋膜弹性、 4️⃣ 臀部皮肤显得光滑及富有弹性等。

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