Carbon Laser Facial (FREE RM88 Product)

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Carbon Laser Treatment - RM168

AKA: Hollywood Facial” or a “China Doll” treatment

Carbon Laser Treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that uses CARBON to quickly ▶️exfoliates, ▶️cleanses and ▶️stimulates cell renewal for a better, healthier and glowing skin.

This treatment is highly beneficial for

  • Acne,
  • Pigmentation,
  • Enlarges pores, and
  • Uneven skin tone.

    📢 Get a 🅵🆁🅴🅴* Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream worth RM88 when you purchase any Facial or Body Treatment vouchers during CNY!

    • Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream – a rich 24h care that provides the perfect protection for stressed skin. Supplies skin with high quality moisture and effectively reduces wrinkles. Leaving the skin silky soft.

        真颜黑脸娃娃激光焕肤 - RM168


        黑脸娃娃主要在面部涂上黑色纳米碳粉,再利用激光爆破,来 ▶️祛除皮肤死皮、暗疮黑头、黑色素等,爆破产生的热能和光能更能▶️刺激皮肤促进细胞更生; ▶️让肌肤变得白皙靓丽!


        • 黑头暗疮,
        • 黑斑色斑,
        • 毛孔粗大,及
        • 暗淡无光彩肌肤等症状。

        📢 春节期间购买任何脸部或身体护理疗程,即送🉐价值RM88的Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream

        • Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream – 这款丰盈的24小时保护霜特为疲惫肌肤所设,能提供完美修复力及优质的滋润,让肤质容光焕发,绽放青春神采。