CAVIAR Collagen Booster (30ml)

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Caviar Collagen Booster - 20ml

For a youthful complexion full of elasticity

Collagen booster for a youthful complexion which activates the production of collagen and improves the skin's density and firmness.

Active substances: collagen booster  ▪ marine collagen ▪ caviar extract ▪ high-molecular hyaluronic acid ▪ Matrixyl 3000 

Application: Apply a wafer-thin layer to cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening. For perfect skin care harmony use your usual care cream afterwards

Confirmed benefits:

  • Cell regeneration; 
  • Restructuring effect;
  • Moisture-binding effect on the epidermis;
  • Anti-wrinkle effect by activating the new synthesis of the extracellular matrix;  
  • Reduces acne formation.

活泉骨胶原精华 - 30ml


实力派成份包括:胶原蛋白补充剂 ▪ 海洋胶原蛋白 ▪ 鱼子提取物 ▪ 高份子透明质酸 ▪ 四胜复合肽

使用方法:每天早上与/或 晚上,涂上极薄的一层活泉骨胶原精华于洁净的面上。之后便可继续上日常的护肤面霜,令肌肤有着完美的呵护

  • 令细胞再生
  • 重组肌肤功能
  • 肌肤表层产生锁水作用
  • 通过启动细胞外基质合成去对抗皱纹
  • 减少暗疮产生