Cellulite Smoothing Treatment

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Cellulite Smoothing Treatment - RM188

Consists 9 sessions, reduced cellulite effectively


Try our Cellulite Smoothing Treatment to firm your lumpy skin and help smooth cellulite visibly. 9 sessions at RM188 for all first time trial. 

  • Treatment duration approximately 60 minutes.
  • Targets the lumpy skin around your tummy, quads, buttocks and hips area.
  • Treatment includes skin exfoliation, fat twisting therapy and detoxification.
  • Results - firmer skin; cellulite smoothing; increase metabolism for fat burning; whiter, smoother and firmer skin after treatment!

    平滑橘皮瘦身配套 - RM188



    轻松消灭讨人厌的顽固橘皮组织,让松垮皮肤变得紧实平滑。配套详情 :

    • 整个疗程大概60分钟;
    • 针对手臂、肚腩、臀部、前腿、后腿的松垮皮肤;
    • 效果:平滑蜂窝组织、帮助软化顽固脂肪、加速燃烧脂肪、减少水肿问题、增强身体血液循环等
    • 适合所有类型的蜂窝组织,效果显着!