Cryo Live Cell Therapy

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Cryo Live Cell Therapy - RM98

Effective rejuvenating facial that add life to your skin


Cryo Live Cell Therapy is a luxury 90 minutes facial treatment which combines microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenation and infusing of cryo methodology concentrates to give your skin an overall rejuvenated appearance.

Treatment procedure includes: Microdermabrasion + Photo rejuvenation procedure + Cryo methodology active ingredients


  • Removal of 35% dead skin cells
  • Improved cell regeneration & promote healthy cell growth
  • Reveal a youthful complexion & glow
  • Significant increase of 30% in skin’s moisture
  • Fine lines are significantly reduced
  • Improvement in skin elasticity, texture & hydration
  • Lighter, smoother and brighter skin 
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and age spots


Cryo Live Cell Therapy - RM98



冷冻活细胞疗法 Cryo Live Cell Therapy 是一项90分钟的豪华面部护理,结合了微晶焕肤术,光子嫩肤和冷冻法浓缩成份,为您的皮肤带来整体的嫩肤效果。

独特疗程步骤:微晶焕肤术 + 光子嫩肤程序 + 冷冻法活性成份


  • 祛除35%的死皮细胞 
  • 改善细胞再生并促进健康细胞的生长
  • 展现年轻肤色和光彩
  • 皮肤水份显着增加30%
  • 细线明显减少
  • 改善皮肤弹性,质地和水合作用
  • 更光滑、更娇嫩及更亮白的皮肤 
  • 减少色素过度沉着和老年斑(色斑,黄褐斑、晒斑)