ARCELMED® Dermal Tonic Spray (200ml) - Toner

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ARCELMED® Dermal Tonic Spray - 200ml

 Non-alcoholic sprayable face lotion


Alcohol-free, light, toning spray consisting of aloe vera gel, calcium and a high percentage of soothing D-panthenol. Also provides sensitive skin with added moisture, leaving it softer. The special formulation soothes and alleviates reddened, irritated and inflamed skin.

Active substances: Aloe Vera Gel, D-Panthenol, Betaine / Sugar Beet Extract, Calcium.

美疗全效喷雾 - 200ml


  • 轻柔舒缓的喷雾
  • 抗敏
  • 以钙质修复肌肤
  • 强效保湿
  • 舒缓发炎肌肤
  • 增强肌肤的抵抗力