Glutathione Skin Booster Therapy (FREE RM88 Product)

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Glutathione Skin Booster Therapy - RM188

Get your dewy *GLASS* skin

No matter your age or what type of skin you have, True Harmony Glutathione Skin Booster Therapy is always the right treatment for you!

  • CLEAR. 20yo – Clear acne and remove acne scars
  • BRIGHT. 30yo – Lighten pigmentation, revive dull and uneven skin tone
  • GLOW. 40yo – Fight all signs of aging and achieve a radiant complexion
  • MOISTURE. 50yo – make your skin look younger, fresher, and brighter.

Main ingredients used in this facial includes:

  • Glutathione – the wonder drug for skin brightening and super antioxidant.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – a powerful humectant that keep skin hydrated and looking young.

    📢 Get a 🅵🆁🅴🅴* Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream worth RM88 when you purchase any Facial or Body Treatment vouchers during CNY!

    • Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream – a rich 24h care that provides the perfect protection for stressed skin. Supplies skin with high quality moisture and effectively reduces wrinkles. Leaving the skin silky soft.

        GSH谷胱甘肽透亮护理 - RM188


        想“炫”白是时候了,适合所有年龄层的真颜GSH谷胱甘肽透亮护理 - 一个让各个年龄都能绽放属于自己的晶莹水漾肌。

        【净】20岁 – 补水祛痘,净瑕透白

        【白】30岁 – 淡斑祛黄,莹润亮泽

        【淡】40岁 – 祛纹修复,焕发光彩

        【润】50岁 – 岁月不败,青春不走


        • 抗氧化之母 / 谷胱甘肽 (GSH / Glutathione) ~ 有“抗氧化”+“抑制”双重对抗黑色素的能力,还有抗衰老的功效
        • 保湿黄金 / 玻尿酸 (HA / Hyaluronic Acid) ~ 保持皮肤弹性,锁住大量水分子,改善皮肤的新陈代谢的功效

        📢 春节期间购买任何脸部或身体护理疗程,即送🉐价值RM88的Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream

        • Jean D’Arcel Multi Protection Cream – 这款丰盈的24小时保护霜特为疲惫肌肤所设,能提供完美修复力及优质的滋润,让肤质容光焕发,绽放青春神采。