Hair Removal Treatment

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Permanent Hair Removal Treatment - RM98

1 session, limited to 1 area only


It does not matter how fair or dark your skin is as this treatment will remove all hair regardless. Say goodbye to waxing, shaving or plucking! 


  • You can expect 30-50% hair removed in one session.
  • Hair growth will be lesser or stop growing;
  • You may notice lesser body odour as it helps decrease the surface area for possible sweat;
  • Your skin will become smoother, brighter, look and feel better!

Our Technology:

  • Imported from USA, FDA approved Nanno Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Produces a variety of light waves to permanently disable the hair follicle and prevents further re-growth.

永久除毛护理 - RM98



采用由美国进口、FDA 认证的光谱波长光速除毛法 ~ 能根除毛发,令毛发停止生长!


  • 毛发生长速度减缓,甚至不再生;
  • 减少汗液及体味;
  • 皮肤变得更白皙;
  • 护理后至少能除去30% - 50% 的毛发