HYDRATANTE Moisturizing Fluid 柔美保湿乳液 - Exceptional high quality day and night hydrating fluid

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HYDRATANTE Moisturizing Fluid (50ml) - New Formulation

Exceptional high quality day and night hydrating fluid


Efficiently replenishes moisture for dehydrated skin and strengthens the function of the protection barrier regardless of the skin type. Its velvety texture allows immediate penetration to vitalize the skin with new suppleness and freshness.  The skin will look firmer with a youthful glow.

Active Substances:

  • Rambutan Extract - retains moisture and helps the skin barrier function effectively.
  • Soline® Bio - an organic oil extracted from the sunflower seed, regenerates the skin’s barrier function with excellent hydrating properties.
  • Pentavitin® - improves moisture binding up to 72 hours unless removed by an exfoliant.


    • For oily skin, apply to a cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening.
    • For mixed to dry skin, use this as a base and apply a caring cream on top to enhance the hydrating and protective actions.

    Key ingredients: Rambutan Extract, Soline Bio (Ecocert certified) (unsaponifiable content of sunflower oil), Pentavitin®, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera

    柔美保湿乳液 (50ml) - 全新升级版



    清新,轻盈的乳液, 含有专门为干性肌肤设计的有效保湿成分。乳液能立即被肌肤吸收,有助于让肌肤清新亮丽

    • 多种浓缩精华,帮助肌肤维持锁水,深层滋润,改善油水不平衡,打造丝绒般的质感肌肤
    • 活性成分 :红毛丹萃取物,高分子透明质酸,芦荟,异构寡糖,Soline Bio, 维生素E衍生物,低分子透明质酸,芦荟,鳄梨果油