Hydratante Sorbet Cream (50ml)

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A light-weight fluffy 24h cream with sorbet-like texture.

Efficiently replenishes moisture for dehydrated skin and strengthens the function of the protection barrier. The skin is quickly rejuvenated, and its glow restored with suppleness and elasticity.

Active Substances:

  • Rambutan Extract - retains moisture and helps the skin barrier function effectively.
  • Kombuchka™ - ensure a smooth texture with a healthy glow.
  • Pure Aloe Vera - combats inflammations, promotes wound healing and retains moisture.
  • High molecular and low molecular Hyaluronic Acids - provide skin firming and moisturizing effects

    Direction: After cleansing and toning, apply a pea-sized amount on the face and neck.  For an extra hydrating effect in the dry season, it is ideal to add Moisturizing Fluid as a base.

    Note: It’s normal for the skin to feel a bit tacky immediately after application - it is in the process of building the skin's protective moisturizing film.

    Key ingredients: Rambutan Extract, Hyaluronic Acids, Pure Aloe Vera, Kombucha Extract, Pentavitin®, Biosaccharide Gum-1, D-Panthenol , Carrageenan



    24h 呵护干性肌肤让肌肤呈现清新般的效果。红毛丹,芦荟和玻尿酸的结合,能供给肌肤大量的水份,增强肌肤保湿效果,并恢复肌肤防御功能。

    • 添加红茶菌,能改善肌肤粗糙,使肌肤更健康、光泽有弹性
    • 有效成分 : 红毛丹萃取物,红茶菌,芦荟,低分子透明质酸