Meridian Bust Treatment

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Meridian Bust Treatment - RM88

100% Natural, Wireless Therapeutic Massage


Breasts are one of the best things we can be proud of as women. They are part of our body, like everything else is. We need to take good care of them ~ try True Harmony Meridian Bust Treatment, a treatment uses traditional massage techniques which may help in greater breast health. 

Treatment is strictly for female only. Benefits includes:


  • Prevent blocked ducts and mastitis
  • Promote blood and energy (qi) circulation
  • Relieve edema and detoxification
  • Firming and lifting your breast and skin
  • Improve Chest Contour 

      胸部经络护理 - RM88

      100% 纯手工筋络按摩,经络疏通+淋巴净化


      胸部是身为女人最引以为傲的其中一部分。 我们需要好好照顾它〜【真颜胸部经络护理】,有助于保持胸部健康,预防乳腺增生,让您拥有更完美及更健康的胸部。马上预定!首次护理仅需RM88。只限女性初试者。

      • 预防管道阻塞和乳腺炎
      • 促进血液和【气】循环
      • 减轻胸部浮肿
      • 疏通胸部毒素
      • 使胸部肌肉更结实