MIRATENSE® Advanced Face Lift (30ml) - Intensive Serum

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MIRATENSE® Advanced Face Lift (30ml)

Wrinkle reduction in vivo after only 1 day of application

Highly concentrated formula with a unique lifting and detoxing effect which leaves skin feeling silky soft. (can be worn by itself or under a cream) Supports skin regeneration, improves the skin's density and lifts facial features.

Active substances: R4-Detox-Complex • Gatuline Expression | paracress extract – "botox-like" • Epidermosil | anti-aging hyaluronic acid complex • Thalassine | sea chamomile extract / "botox-like" • AquaCacteen | opuntia extract • Commipheroline | guggulu extract • Hyaluronic acid

Acmella oleracea extract - developed as a major safe alternative to cosmetic surgery. Reportedly reduces muscle tension, reducing facial wrinkles caused by tense or contracted facial muscles.

Clinically proven benefits: 

  • “Botox –like” effectiveness, relaxing effect to smooth out facial expression wrinkles 
  • Epidermis restructuration with Intensively supports skin regeneration 
  • Stimulation of the genes involved in the hydration process
  • A safe plant-based active that gives rapid results.

    MIRATENSE® 紧实提升精华液 - 30ml



    明星成份:R4-Detox-Complex • Gatuline Expression |千日菊提取物 – “似肉毒杆菌”效果 • Epidermosil | 防止衰老透明质酸复合物 • 植物性肉毒杆菌素 | 海洋洋甘菊提取物 / “似肉毒杆菌”效果 • AquaCacteen | 仙人掌提取物 • Commipheroline | 印度香胶树提取物 • 透明质酸

    千日菊提取物 - 是当前主要整容手术的安全替代品。通过实验证实这种创新性的植物提取物具有及时且可逆转的肌红蛋白放松效果。


    • “似肉毒杆菌”效果, 温和地消除和抚平面部表情纹
    • 表皮重组, 支持肌肤重生
    • 刺激基因改造达致保湿效果
    • 一种安全的基于植物的活性成分,能起到立竿见影的效果