MIRATENSE® Eye & Lip Zone (30ml)

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MIRATENSE® Eye & Lip Zone (30ml)

Intensive care with lifting and detoxing effect against wrinkles for the eye and lip area

The soft and smooth formula with lifting and detoxing effect helps to reduce age and expression lines around the eye and lip area. Skin is revitalized and supplied with just the right moisture. It can effectively counteract puffiness. The innovative combination of the Pro-Sirt 1 + R4-Detox active ingredients supports the vital skin and cell functions to improve the complexion. The skin's structure, firmness and elasticity can be improved thanks to the support of collagen and elastin synthesis.


Active substances: Pro-Sirt 1 • R4-Detox-Complex • Eyeliss | hesperidin complex • Thalassine | sea chamomile extract • Hydrosystem Aquaxyl™ • Hyaluronic acid • Lys’Lastine | dill extract • Syn-Coll | collagen booster

Eyeliss - a unique combination of 3 active essential peptides the most powerful treatment on the market today that effectively reduce under eye puffiness and cure those nasty eye bags by up to 70%.

Clinically proven benefits: 

  • Helps to DELAY the skin aging process through activating the enzyme SIRTUIN 1 
  • “Botox –like” effectiveness, relaxing effect to smooth out facial expression wrinkles in the eye and lip area
  • Swelling in the eye area can be effectively counteracted.

MIRATENSE® 魅眼柔唇修护霜 - 30ml




明星成份:Pro-Sirt 1 • R4-Detox-Complex • Eyeliss | 橙皮苷复合物 • 植物性肉毒杆菌素 | 海洋洋甘菊提取物 • Hydrosystem Aquaxyl™ • 透明质酸 • Lys’Lastine | 洋茴香提取物 • Syn-Coll |胶原蛋白补充剂


  • 通过激活去乙酰化酶-1(SIRTUIN-1)去保持年轻肌肤, 逆转肌
  • “似肉毒杆菌”效果,温和地消除和抚平眼部及咀唇部的表情纹
  • 有效地消除眼部的肿胀