MIRATENSE® Soft Foam Cleanser (200ml)

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MIRATENSE® Soft Foam Cleanser (200ml)

Luxurious, soft cleansing cream with "Lotus Clean System"


Luxurious, wonderfully soft cleansing cream that forms a light and airy soap-free foam, which pampers the complexion leaving it feeling great and clean. The foam gently cleanses and also thoroughly removes any make up residue. With “Lotus Clean System”.

Active substances: Hydro System Aquaxyl™, Moringa Seed Extract, Satin Silk Extract.

MIRATENSE® 晶钻柔密泡沫洁面乳(200ml)


  • 蘊含辣木種子和蓮花萃取物的PURISOFT® 縮氨酸肽
  • 质地溫和,无皂性泡沫
  • 深层清洁毛孔但不會令肌肤干燥
  • 蘊含辣木種子和蓮花萃取物能让肌肤免受尘埃污染
  • 能呵护敏感性肌肤
  • 能彻底卸妆