MIRATENSE® Soft Cleansing Toner (200ml)

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MIRATENSE® Soft Cleansing Toner - 200ml

Refreshing facial toner with mild fruit acid.


This skin refining alcohol-free lotion completes the cleansing ritual. Thanks to the innovative AHCare, a mild desquamation is executed through daily cleansing and the skin’s acid-mantle is restored and stabilized.

Active substances: AHCare® fruit acid, Aquaxyl® , Lipacide®peptide  LaraCare®, D-Panthenol, Natural Moisturizing Factor.

  • AHCare®, reduces dead cells build up, stimulates the skin’s renewal process and refines the skin.
  • LaraCare®, an organic polysaccharide extracted from the Larch tree,reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as smooths and tightens the skin. LaraCare® can be considered a genuine second skin, both protective and regenerative.
  • Aquaxyl®, improves epidermal and dermal water content.
MIRATENSE® 轻柔爽肤水 - 200ml


洗脸后使用这款无酒精爽肤水,为洁肤过程画上完美句号!产品内的创新 AHCare 成份,能温和地软化角质,帮助平衡肌肤表面的酸碱值,使肌肤能更好地吸收其后保养品。

  • AHCare – 温和地软化角质层,能帮助毛孔收缩,滋润保湿,能改善色素沉淀恢复润白。
  • LaraCare® 【落叶松萃取】 - 来自北美落叶松真菌,可增加果酸效果,并能降低果酸对肌肤的刺激。增加肌肤保湿度、细致度与弹性,并淡化细纹,使肌肤水润明亮。
  • Aquaxyl®【 智慧复合保湿因子】– 由木头和小麦制成的组合成份,加强皮肤屏障,皮肤明显更光滑