Pearl Silk Facial

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Pearl Silk Facial - RM98

For healthier & glowing skin


Pearl Silk Facial work best on all skin type - it helps in promoting cell regeneration and provides the necessary nutrients to your skin. Experience a more radiance and moisture skin after treatment. 


  • Pearl - considered as an epitome of beauty, Silk - symbolizes indulgence and luxury;
  • Pearl + Silk - Provides softness and smoothness to the skin;
  • Keeps moisture close to the skin;
  • Helps skin stay clear and free of irritation;
  • Conditions the skin for improved elasticity and resilience;
  • Gives your face a nice luminous look!

Suitable skin type:

  • Dry skin type
  • Combination skin type
  • Sensitive skin type, and
  • Oily skin type.

蚕丝珍珠脸部护理 - RM98



一项真颜全方位的美白护理,运用珍贵的蚕丝及珍珠,让您去除恼人的瑕疵, 瞬间让肌肤绽放光彩!此护理适合所有皮肤性质包括干性皮肤、混合性皮肤、敏感皮肤、油性皮肤。


  • 结合高科技的超纳米渗透技术 + 蚕丝 + 珍珠成份 = 全方位的肌肤高效深度保养;
  • 蚕丝 ~ 可以消除皮肤黑斑、加速皮肤的新陈代谢、促进皮肤细胞活力;
  • 珍珠 ~ 令人润泽好颜色、治疗肌肤色斑、清除老化角质和黑头、延缓皮肤衰老。