PRESTIGE Pre-Age Cream Light (50ml)

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PRESTIGE Pre-Age Cream Light - 50ml

Velvety soft 24h care


This velvety soft 24 hour cream helps to produce a perfect, rejuvenated appearance full of elasticity. It manages this thanks to the unique “Progeria” formula*, which inhibits the production of a protein that leads to premature aging. It helps to neutralize negative influences, such as fatigue, environmental pollution and stress and to achieve protected, ideally moisturized skin. Recommended for normal to dry Skin. *Active ingredient evidence in vitro.

Active substances: Anti-”Progeria” Complex, Vitamins A / B5 / C / E, ß Glucan, Pro-Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil.



  • 24小时护理霜适合干性肌肤
  • 可用作日 / 晚霜
  • 视黄醇 (Pro-Retinol) 有助于更新肌肤
  • 能有效的滋润肌肤
  • 能稳定肌肤免的疫系统
  • 高品质的维生素C能对抗自由基的侵害
  • 适于用于化妆前