RENOVAR® Energy Mousse Mask (5 sachets)

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RENOVAR® Energy Mousse Mask (5 sachets)

Light & airy mousse mask

The light and airy mousse mask revitalizes and helps optimize the skin’s own protective barrier. This can protect the skin against harmful environmental influences and the accompanying cell damage. Wrinkles appear smoother and the skin feels silky and soft.

Active substances: ACB Fruit MixSepitonic ▪ Summer lilac extract.

ACB Fruit Mix (AHA) - 

  • For smoother, softer skin  
  • Promotes the uptake of other active ingredients

Sepitonic - 

  • Active mineral complex (magnesium, calcium, zinc) for more vitality and protection of the skin
  • Helps in anti-glycation, preventive against damage by free radicals and stimulating the inter-keratinocytes

Summer lilac extract - 

  • Antioxidant + radical scavenger  
  • Stimulates cellular detoxification systems   
  • Protection against inflammation 
  • Prevents photoaging
    能量泡泡面膜 - 5包


    明星成份:ACB Fruit Mix ▪ 活性矿物质复合物 ▪ 蝴蝶草

    ACB Fruit Mix (AHA) - 

    • 使肌肤更光滑柔嫩
    • 促进其它活性物质的吸收

    Sepitonic - 

    • 是一种活性矿物质复合物(镁,钙,铁) 能保护肌肤和加强肌肤的生命力
    • 功效包括抗糖化,防止自由基的侵害及刺激角质化细胞的形成

    蝴蝶草 - 

    • 抗氧化+抗自由基
    • 刺激细胞排毒系统 
    • 预防炎症
    • 预防肌肤老化