SENSITIVE Anti-Stress Mask (50ml) - Mask to quickly soothe oversensitive skin

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SENSITIVE Anti-Stress Mask (50ml)

Mask to quickly soothe oversensitive skin


Soothing cream mask for hypersensitive, dry and irritated skin. Eases redness and stressed skin’s irritations in minutes and ensures long-lasting regeneration. Unpleasant feelings of tightness give way to a balanced feeling of well-being. The rich supply to the complexion is revealed in a relaxed and radiant look.

  • Neuromed extract: relief of pain and itching due to minor skin irritation
  • Olibanum extract (Frankincense): a powerful astringent helps restores epidermis and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and scars.
  • PatchH2O™: a powerful ‘anti-thirst’ moisturization ingredient, for immediate and lasting effect that restores the quality of the skin barrier.
    • Application: Apply thickly so it is opaque, leave it on for 5-15 minutes, remove with water.


    抗压舒敏面膜 - 50ml




    • 灰毛豆籽萃取 - 野生靛蓝种子: 抗压成份,减轻因轻微皮肤刺激而引起的疼痛和瘙痒
    • 乳香萃取 - 修复因子:具有紧致、柔嫩肌肤功效
    • PatchH2O™:一种强大的“抗渴”保湿剂,可以发挥即时和长效效果,恢复肌肤屏障的质量
      • 使用方法:厚敷全脸让肤色呈不透明状(避开眼唇),停留5-15分钟后以清水洗净