Womb Care Treatment 卵巢护理疗程

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Womb Care - RM98

100% Natural & Effective 


Keeping your womb healthy is one of the most important things that you can do as a woman. This treatment is suitable for those who experience 1️⃣ menstrual pain; 2️⃣ menstrual irregularity; 3️⃣ pre or post menopause; and those who have 4️⃣ "cold womb". Come experience True Harmony Womb Care Treatment now.

  • Promote blood circulation;
  • Improve overall womb (uterus) health; 
  • Achieve hormonal balance naturally;
  • Relieve menstrual pain and irregularities;
  • Promote fertility and much more!

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        女性卵巢护理 - RM98

        子宫是女人的命 - 再懒也要保养!


        子宫是女性最重要的器官之一,若子宫没有保养好,皮肤就会变得粗糙暗淡;乳房容易下垂;内分泌失调等症状 !此护理适合所有年龄层的女性,尤其针对 1️⃣ 有经痛的妳; 2️⃣ 月经不调的妳; 3️⃣ 停经前后的妳;及 4️⃣ 有宫寒的妳!真颜【卵巢护理】是所有女性必要的疗程,马上体验疗程效果:

        • 延缓卵巢功能衰竭
        • 调整生理期
        • 驱风散寒
        • 提升受孕几率
        • 舒缓妇女缓妇科疾病等等数不清的好处!

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