Yao Bath for Women Care

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Originating from Yunnan, China, our 100% natural herbal medicated bath is a time-honored remedy. Particularly beneficial for women experiencing cool hands and feet, this bath has also been recognized for its potential in reducing gynecological ailments and supporting womb healing.
  • Suitable for females aged 18 and above
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • A 100% natural herbal medicated bath
  • Excellent for those who wish to improve or restore their menstrual cycle
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  • 适合18岁以上女性,孕妇忌用
  • 含有38种源自中国云南的天然中草药
  • 消炎杀菌、暖宫驱寒、通经活血、活血化瘀、增强自身免疫力、调节内分泌、保养卵巢、修复子宫、焕发容颜光彩及延缓衰老等
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